Design challenge, 2019

I find design challenges a bit stressful. They're mostly UI focused and its hard for me 'cos I think, 'it needs to be solving a problem or something...'
So, I used this site to find some random challenge and it gave me this "an app for a nightclub"; so I assumed a problem and designed a solution around this. No testing or research because, I was just playing around.

The assumed problem:
Lavish (the nightclub) wants to keep their customers aware of the events at the club, drinks at the club, club rules, buy passes to different events and make it easy for the elite members of the club to pay for membership or for anyone who wants to become an elite member to join. They also want members to share/tell people about the events they are attending

I wanted it to remain simple so I just asked a few people what they would expect from a nightclub app and built features around that

I assumed that the Lavish Brand was 'modern & luxurious' and I chose the font, colours and style of the app to match this theme.

You can view the figma file here

Me, thinking